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Mexico City's Maria Mortiz debuts music video for her single Vampiro

Mexico City's Maria Mortiz had a knack for writing into musical journals that began at a very young age. Her journey experimenting with lyrics had an unusual start. Having a love for chocolate milk, 7-year-old Mortiz wrote a song about that love, which she still remembers to this day. Mortiz has certainly come a long way with her penchant for writing, where her style has matured into the more traditional arena of heart-trending lyrics.

In her newest single, Vampiro, Mortiz follows a simple formula of melody coupled with earnest song writing. Her storytelling abilities are evident, as her lyrics vividly conjure up expressive images. The opening line of the track, "Te acabaste la tinta de mi pluma, y me chupaste toda la sangre, todo lo que llevo dentro, me lo ha quitado tu hambre" sets the perfect tone of the theme for the music video. The video plays homage to many a Vampiric film and takes the viewer through the reveries of a broken-hearted creature of the night.

Mortiz's charismatic yet agile tone is carried nicely by the rhythmic cadence of the acoustic strumming. The leads in the track help guide her harmonious undertone making sure not to strip down the emotion. The touch of producers Rob Jimenez and Leandro Alvarez are evident in Vampiro, and have definitely raised the level beyond its already impressive sound. Mortiz is slated to release a full-length LP later this year, so expect more from this new talent.


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