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The Red Leslie's newest single "Staring at the Wall" leaves you wanting more

It appears becoming a music duo might be key to unlocking that built up creativity looking to escape - and the Red Leslies must have been cued in on this theory.

After having to deal with the challenge of a revolving cast of musicians, Luis Sanchez and Adrian Gonzales affirmed that the magical combination of their creative minds was enough to get them through to their next act. And if the newest single “Staring at the Wall” is any indication of this, then obviously there is point to be made.

The duo had promised a dirtier, rawer sound which would be simple in structure and the song stays true to this concept. The single quickly opens with a distorted guitar riffing a staccato rhythm before Luis’ familiar voice introduces us to the title of the track in the first line “I saw you staring at the wall”. From there the drums and bass join in on the parading tempo. It is evident that the musical arrangement isn’t intricate, but rather simple, leaving the vocals to be the leading force carrying the songs pace and melody. One sign of this comes at the bridge where the vocals lead a chord change when Luis sings “and when I walk in through the door” essentially setting the listener up for another interesting arrangement of vocal melody and lyrical play with the chant “and let the children have some fun”.

The song continues on the same route as the second half begins, except this time we hear splashes of distorted sustained feedback which nicely adds to the texture that emulates sounds of The Pixies riveting guitar play or Velvet Underground's overall musical sound. Indeed a nice touch.

While “Staring at the wall” isn’t musically technical, its lo-fi aesthetic which carries a raw energy can definitely draw a listener in. It’s a unfortunate that the running time only comes to two minutes and 10 seconds because with a catchy anthem like chorus, it almost feels as though a running time twice of what it is now might have given it more justice. I feel shortchanged as if the high left way too soon.

NC Score 7.5/10


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