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The Noisy Cavern consists of a group of like minded individuals with a deep passion for everything music. The concept began when JC Vera and Luis Zuniga were visiting a local venue to watch a "Battle of the Bands" event. While the two were chatting with members of a group that was performing, JC thought it would be a good idea to invite them over and record a live interview using equipment he had sitting around. The interview took place and the two began to record podcast style audio clips involving all range of wild ideas. One day, a guest decided to bring an acoustic guitar and perform a few songs on the show. JC and Luis knew they were on to something, and without skipping a heartbeat created what is now known as the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions.


The show has evolved into a music only platform where musicians and artists alike showcase their talents and participate in interviews or discussions, The Noisy Cavern also participates in music, venue, and gear reviews, while maintaining a priority with artist profiles and in-studio recordings. The Noisy Cavern has partnered up with Orangewood Studios, utilizing the  expertise provided by their sound engineers to ensure top-notch recordings.

Music is our universal language, it is full of love and life!


May contain mature topics and strong language​  

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