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Ibanez & Graph Tech Launch Revolutionary Multi-Scale Bass with Cutting-Edge Tuning Technology

Ibanez Bass, the maestros of musical innovation, have teamed up with the tech wizards at graph Tech Guitar Labs for a collaboration that's set to rock the music world. Brace yourself for the jaw-dropping SRMS725 5-string Multi-scale Electric Bass, both decked out with Graph Tech's revolutionary Ratio Machine Heads.

These basses, part of the iconic Bass Workshop series, are where masterful artistry meets cutting-edge engineering. With a stunning Blue Chameleon finish, they're as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the ears.

But, the real star of the show is Graph Tech's Ration Machine heads - the ultimate game-changer in bass tuning. Forget the old-school single gear ratio setup; these bad boys feature a unique gear ratio for each string. Why? Because each string has its own attitude when it comes to tuning. The low E or B string on a bass is notoriously tricky, but not anymore. With Ratio Machine Heads, fine tuning is a breeze. Each string feels and responds the same way, giving you mind-blowing control over your tuning. Imagine this: 1 turn equals 1 tone, on every string. This tech isn't just for basses either - it's a revolution for electric and acoustic guitars too.

Get ready to experience precision like never before, with your tuning game taken to a whole new level. The SRMS725 and SRMS720 are more than just instruments; they're the future of bass playing. Play on "Noisy" People!

"We found RATIO®machine heads to be extraordinarily accurate, and we were particularly impressed with how easy drop tuning is with them, especially when dropping to D on the fourth string and to A on the fifth.," says Ibanez."This characteristic makes RATIO®tuners incredibly well suited for hard rock and other heavier sounds, so we thought they’d be a perfect match for our SRMS720 and SRMS725 basses. We’re also aware that Graph Tech is entirely committed to continuous product innovation, which fully aligns with our philosophy at Ibanez. ."


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