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It was prevalent during the classic rock era for bands to employ the multiple lead singer set-up, and some groups knew how to make it work. Now-a-days, this practice is a rare occurrence and hardly attempted, but every once in a while a new super group gives that tried formula a go and ends up finding success. Radar State is one of those groups attempting to do just that, and it’s surprisingly quite impressive.

The group is “new” in the sense that it’s innovatively assembled, but the members could actually be considered veterans in the music scene. Fronted by Jim Suptic and Matt Pryor from The Get up Kids, and Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary, and backed by Adam Phillips of The Architects’ and The Gadjits, this band is no joke. The sound was obviously expected to have elements of the punchy guitar drive and up-tempo qualities of the 90’s emo-pop-punk bands some of us secretly fanboyed. If comparisons had to be made, it could be argued there are more similarities to Suptic and Pryor’s The Get up Kids - which had a style known to be the epitome of the emo scene of decades past.

Radar State debuted their newest album Strays earlier this year, and right off the bat the lively and active sound can throw one into a frenzy. The tracks are full of springy guitar riffs with melodies that seep into your brain, bustling bass lines that add texture, and that up-tempo drumming that forces the body to convulse. This project clearly demonstrates the abilities of the artists to continue their rousing showcasing of quality songwriting and exemplary musicianship. I am almost certain the energy conveyed in this album will translate seamlessly live.

NC score 8.4

Track listing:

  1. Strays

  2. What's a Rebel

  3. Anywhere

  4. Summer of Sundays

  5. Damn the Man

  6. Making Me Feel

  7. Self Hurt Guru

  8. Artificial Love

  9. Defender

  10. Good Catholic

  11. Leather Dye

  12. Victims of Fashion

  13. Play For The Game

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