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"Too Close to the Noise Floor" / Astral Cloud Ashes

Music from across the pond seems to carry a different type of ranking scale when comparing its success or popularity to that of others. Not only does it appear the work is held to a higher standard, but when one considers the heavyweights it will be measured against, most artists don’t stand a shot. But, that’s probably just an unfounded theory that likely gets pushed around, so when one is as talented as Antony Walker who maintains the title of writer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, that type of babble is probably just brushed aside.

Walker’s alternative-rock outfit, Astral Cloud Ashes, is essentially a one man team. The project, currently labeled a studio band, is based out of the Island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands, and last July, Astral Cloud Ashes released “Too Close to the Noise Floor”, an album that had been waiting its release most likely sooner than it had.

“Too Close to the Noise Floor” has a familiar sound that is sure to elate fans of early 2000’s college-rock into diving for the collection of old CD’s collecting dust in a shoe box. With the grungy sound of distorted guitars, and infused melodic leads, it was almost confusing not hearing Jason Lytle’s vocals come in after an intro. This is not to say that Walker’s vocals are anything less than memorable, as a matter of fact, Walker’s finely-calibrated vocals are pleasantly layered throughout the songs revealing that alt-rock sound.

“Too Close to the Noise Floor” is an album ready to be the soundtrack to that long spring drive you’ve been planning. It’s a perfect collection of catchy melodies and clever lyrics. Visit Astral Cloud Ashes on soundcloud by clicking the photo above

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