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Grand Rapids, MI Alt-Rock/Post-Emo/Pop-Punk Band POTIONSELLER Releasing PNWK Records Label Debut EP "When They Get Old"

Potionseller, the alt-rock/post-emo/pop-punk band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, is gearing up to drop their much-anticipated EP, "When They Get Old," marking their debut with PNWK Records on July 19th.

The EP, meticulously crafted through the expertise of Ryan Malicsi from Hot Mulligan at Eureka Records in Wyandotte, MI, promises a fresh sonic experience for fans and critics alike.

Offering a sneak peek, the band will unveil the lead single, "Monarchs Club," accompanied by an engaging music video on July 5th.

Formed amidst the challenging backdrop of the pandemic in late 2021 by frontman Austen Reno, Potionseller's journey traces back to Reno's extensive touring history with his previous outfit, If Only, If Only (previously known as Backpacks).

Having penned five compelling tracks for this new venture, Reno collaborated with longtime friend and colleague, Ryan Malicsi, to bring these creations to life in a recording session brimming with creative synergy.

Assembling a talented ensemble to complete the lineup, Potionseller's roster includes childhood ally Jake Bartell on bass, music scene veteran John Wilson on drums, versatile musician Andy Morris on rhythm guitar, and the seasoned Nate Leritz on lead guitar.

Their musical prowess was put to the test as they honed their sound through electrifying live performances, including memorable gigs at respected venues such as Mulligan's Pub, the Pike Room, and Stoop Fest, marking pivotal milestones in their musical odyssey.

Now, after tirelessly refining their craft over the past two years, Potionseller emerges with their latest masterpiece, "When They Get Old," a five-track EP that seamlessly merges the nostalgic charm of 2000s pop-punk with the contemporary allure of modern emo, showcasing the band's distinct musical fusion with unwavering passion and fervor.


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