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Lava Love perform a three-song set on Noisy Cavern Music Sessions.

LA's newest indie group, Lava Love, brought their catchy, modern-rock indie sound down to Orangewood Studios for a live recording of the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions. Fronted by lead-women, Teala Rose, the group is aiming to make their mark on the local scene, and inspire other young female artist.

The band embodies an eclectic range of inspiration that includes the likes of Mazy Star, Chicano Batman, the Growlers, and many more. The songs, a perfect fit for those newly in-love as the lyrics help embrace the euphoric feeling of the fleeing dopamine, illustrate the band's strong sense in their writing craftsmanship.

Catch the band performing local circuits around southern California, with the next show slated for April 2nd at Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton Ca for Fem Fest 2022.

Follow the group on social media and check out their tunes on Spotify.


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