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BAD HOMBRES release new single “TJ Nights"

Four-piece alternative rock group, Bad Hombres, have released their new single “TJ Nights” through My Grito Industries. Hailing out of Los Angeles, the Latino rock-leaning group is gaining traction alongside other creative acts within the local music community.

Below is Bad Hombres' breakdown of the accompanying music video for "TJ Nights":

“A border town riddled with crime and prostitution located just below the California border, housing those who strive for better lives, but are stuck in geographical purgatory. Many Americans come to this vibrant city to take advantage of the pharmaceuticals present on every corner and others succumb to the allure of its thriving Red Light District. People from all around the country reap from Tijuana’s rotten fruit of labor and women. Bad Hombre’s TJ Nights music video, produced and directed by its very own bass player, Jaime Carrasco, takes you into the surreal world of the city’s culture, customs, food, and seamy underbelly. At first glance, it is inevitable to cast judgement on a city with a bad reputation. However, the young adult who is cast in the video and whom the video follows, shows the viewer the diversity the border town offers its natives and visitors. The city will surprise you with a unique charm that can only be cultivated and found here. Tijuana will certainly push you to find yourself! After all, we all need TJ Nights!”

Don't pass up the chance to watch these talented guys perform at a favorite local venue of yours.

Behind the drums, jujitsu brown belt Sebastian Stone. On guitar, you may have seen his art work as a backdrop for Morrissey’s live concerts, Victor Esparza. The talented bass player and music creator Jaime Carrasco and behind the magical microphone, Bernard Hoyos.

Bad Hombres anticipated new album, was recorded by Jesus Michel, and is slated for release later this year via My Grito Industries.


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