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The Riki Rachtman Radio show is making its return after a nearly 23-year hiatus.

Visible during this year’s Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim was host Riki Rachtman, who was there to promote his upcoming project.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming, there are so many people here, so many things going on, but it’s good because I ran into you,” said Rachtman.

I visited “The Triple R” booth at NAMM to ask Rachtman for an interview. He agreed and asked me to come back the next day. Upon my return the following day, I was surprised to learn that he wanted to interview me on things I might recall from the show’s past and some of the experiences with featured special guests.

Not many people know that I have a history with Rachtman and The Triple R show. I was a frequent caller back in 1996 and would follow the show around to many locations for live remotes. Rachtman and I eventually became friends which led to many opportunities to visit the studio and be on air. In 1997, I was invited to do an introduction to one of his live shows at Planet Hollywood. Later that same year, I was invited over to the Wilshire studio to partake with Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden) interview, which I believe helped solidify my passion for media and communications. I personally give Rachtman full credit on inspiring my handle, “Dave From Montebello”.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and "The Triple R" show was not immune to this. The show experienced an abrupt demise that stemmed from Rachtman engaging in an altercation with another DJ personality.

Despite the stricken events that transpired more than two decades ago, The Triple R will return to its raw, off-the-wall style, in the form of a podcast. The first episode is simply an explanation of the events that unfolded and led up to the last day of the show. This does not resemble future episodes though.

“The fun thing about it this time is that I record the show in my own studio, nobody is going to throw me off The Triple R because I’m the host, producer and everything else,” said Rachtman.

Not much will change with this new revamped edition of "The Triple R".

“I get to interview whoever I want and do whatever I want,” Rachtman stated.

You can now listen to The Triple R on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and iHeartRadio. You never know, one day you might hear yours truly on the show. Enjoy the return of "The Triple R"!

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