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Hercules DJ Controllers - NAMM 2019

The Hercules brand, notably known for digital audio solutions, continues to build up a level of expertise and know-how that is widely acknowledged within the industry. This year at NAMM Hercules showcased the first-ever range of DJ controllers that teach a user how to mix. The Impulse 300 is equipped with a lot of bells and whistles, and appears to be quite intuitive. It really does allow the user to learn how to mix. Now, just because the Impulse 300 is marketed at beginners, it doesn't mean Hercules skimped on the quality. The controller itself looks sturdy enough to handle a fall and it is actually quite high-tech. The Hercules brand has offered products with a particular attention paid to both the design and software integration, and it's evident in the Impulse 300. This controller basically walks you through the mixing process while at the same time training your ears to master beat matching. Light guides on the Impulse 300 that work with the DJUCED software and the Intelligent Music Assistant help in training the future DJ to learn the right moves, whether it is managing the energy of the party by picking a song to change the mood, or just perfecting the mixing skills by showing you what to adjust, the Impulse 300 is really a piece of technical beauty.


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