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Culebra Guitars - NAMM 2019

The Cigar Box Guitar has its place in history, and evidence shows their existence to be over a century old. Prior to the 1840's, cigars used to be shipped in different types of large containers. These included barrels, crates, and large boxes. After the 1840's, cigar companies probably thought it be more profitable and cheaper on the shipping if they started using smaller boxes. If you're a history buff, you would know that the common person didn't have the luxury to be purchasing expensive instruments and thus had to resort to finding different means of producing music. That is how the craze began. Individuals started building their own instruments out of common household items, including cigar boxes. Eventually, the Cigar Box Guitar became its own sought after instrument with its specific sound.

Culebra Guitars continues on with the tradition of making CBG's, except they have attempted to materialize new value into the instrument maintaining classic features and making them more reliable. They have also added their own characteristic to the make the instruments even more unique. For more information visit

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