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LA Recording Studio Dave’s Room Reopens for Business, Now Accepting Bookings

The state-of-the-art studio is back in business after the untimely passing of its prolific owner, Grammy-award winning producer David Bianco, who in 2007 revitalized the space and created a private recording oasis for the industry’s most discerning music professionals.

Now producer/engineers Paul Fig and David Spreng have partnered to re-launch the studio as a tribute to Bianco’s towering legacy. The studio offers a comfortable, casual and quiet environment where artists, producers and engineers can congregate to complete the entire process of making an album – recording, overdubbing and mixing - all under one roof at a reasonable price, and feel at home while doing it.

Dave’s Room, which opened in 1970 under the name Mama Jo’s, served as a top studio for the biggest names in rock, pop, jazz and R&B. “Dave was committed to preserving the original studio’s aesthetic features and acoustics while providing his clients with the latest top-of-the-line recording gear,” says Fig. “It’s very important to us to preserve his years of hard work and continue his vision in the future.”

Fig added that the studio’s clients appreciate the warm, analogue quality of the sound captured digitally in the rooms, designed specifically with the right amount of absorptive to reflective surfaces to achieve the precise aural balance they’re looking for. “All booths have a line of site with each other to make tracking live seamless; the control room is perfection, designed for critical listening and for making bussing, equalization and mixing decisions with accuracy… it’s one of my favorite control rooms for tracking and mixing.”

“Not only is Dave Bianco’s studio great for tracking, we have added some great gear and instruments to Bianco’s already impressive collection,” says Spreng. “New to the arsenal are Vintage Gretsch and Ludwig Drum kits, tons of snare drums and Fig’s personal collection of newer and vintage guitars, amps and pedals.”


Dave’s Room is a premier recording studio located in North Hollywood, California, affording musicians a high-quality space to create every aspect of their musical endeavors in one place. Built in 1970 as Mama Jo’s, the studio was a high-profile destination for professional musicians where some of the best recordings of the era were produced.

Dave Bianco, a visionary producer, engineer and mixer who worked with such acts as Bob Dylan, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Mick Jagger and Tommy Petty & the Heartbreakers (whose album Wildflowers earned Bianco a Grammy), took over the space in 2007, re-naming it Dave’s Room and reinventing it into one of the most sought-after recording studios in the city.

After Bianco’s June 2018 death, his close friends and colleagues Paul Fig and David Spreng took over the day-to-day operations of Dave’s Room in order to continue Bianco’s brilliant legacy. Their goal is to provide artists with a private, inviting location to record, mix and track music using and a wide variety of instruments and amplification, as well as the best audio components available in the city.

Dave’s Room provides its clients with superior acoustics, versatility and a variety of sound environments to create a vibrant and noticeably accurate sound picture that translates brilliantly out of the studio.

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