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It was a Smoky "Spliff Vision"

Reggae music does this strange thing to the body. It agitates a reaction that awakens deadened limbs and animates them instantaneously! OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but let's not deny what those fat bass lines with sporadic percussion slaps and familiar offbeat down stroke strums do to a person. This style is meant to vibe on, and it's evident when individuals around you uniformly start swaying their bodies and bobbing their heads. Don't get me wrong, adding a touch of the magical tobacco helps induce the body into that trance leaving all worries behind, at least for the length of the set. This was definitely the case during Spliff Vision's performance. This group has the right formula for their intended style. And ,although some may argue that reggae is a predictable genre, there is no denying that to make it work, a group must still inject some form of creativity. Spliff Vision nails this with its harmonies and story telling lyrics.

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