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Celebrating the Music Industry's Outstanding Women at the 2018 She Rocks Awards

Melissa Ethridge talks with media during the 6th Annual She Rocks Awards.

The sixth annual She Rocks Awards honoring the outstanding women in the music industry was held Friday night at the House of Blues in Anaheim.

The yearly event created by Laura B. Whitmore was attended by many in the music industry who were present to celebrate, honor, and award the women who have worked and rocked their way to the top of their respective fields.

There were a notable list of names strutting the red carpet early in the evening. Appearing on the red carpet were Exene Cervenka of the punk band X, Melissa Ethridge, Shirley Manson, members of the group Fanny, and Katie Pierson & Cindy Wilson of the B-52's. Many of the young women currently shaping the industry also made their way down the carpet including Sabrina Lentini, Alaska Reid, and The Command Sisters.

Intermixed amongst the artists were those not working directly on the front stage but rather behind the scenes in the music industry. Present at the event were Karla Redding-Andrews, daughter of Otis Redding & Director of the Otis Redding Foundation, Amberly Crouse-Knox of BMG, Candace Stewart of EastWest Studios, Fabi Reyna, founder of She Shreds Media, Kristy Porter of Guitar Center, Vanessa Mering of HARMAN Professional and Dawn Birr of Sennheiser Business Solutions.

The unifying response of empowerment resonated throughout the red carpet.

"Don't let anyone get in your way ", responded Karla Redding-Andrews when asked what advice she would give a young woman wanting to enter the business.

“Never stop believing in yourself, because you can be your biggest enemy”, said Sabrina Lentini.

Fabi Reyna stated a similar response, “Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it".

The list of honorees include:

Fanny Walks the Earth- Inspire Award

Vanessa Mering- Acheiever Award

Candace Stewart- Spirit Award

Karla Redding-Andrews- Champion Award

Fabi Reyna- Vision Award

Kristy Porter- Powerhouse Award

Dawn Birr- Mad Skills Award

Amberley Crouse-Knox- Excellence Award

Exene Cervenka- Dreaming Out Loud Award

Divinity Roxx- Fearless Award

Kate Pierson & Cindy Wilson - Vanguard Award

Melissa Etheridge- Icon Award

Pat Benetar- Legend Award

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