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Doppelganger Friday at NAMM 2018

Fridays can be the strangest of days – for most, they mark the end of a long work week, but for NAMM conventioneers, well, let’s just say it was rather interesting.

As the lines began to form outside the entrance doors to the convention center, those patiently waiting near the water fountain area were treated to something quite curious - subjectivity being the key word here. If people had been keen in observing their surroundings then they would have noticed large sound speakers hanging on stands near the doors. This would’ve been the first clue that something was developing.

Sure enough, music blared out. The tunes sounded familiar, this was especially true if U2 posters or albums once covered your bedroom walls. But, even if one had only a minimal amount of exposure to the group’s music, it wasn’t very hard to fall into the hysteria that was quickly began to spread. Everyone was looking around to see where the music was originating from. Most in the crowd finally locked eyes on the source which was directly above the entrance doors on the third floor mezzanine. Typical of U2, right? Play from far above ground to keep just enough distance from the audience. A tactical ploy to tease, similar to their video for “The Streets Have No Name.

Wait, what? That should’ve been the clear indicator that this was definitely a ruse. Sadly, many in the crowd fell for it including our very own producer who frantically headed up to the third floor for a photo opportunity.

The likeness to celebrity didn’t stop with Hollywood U2. Many more doppelgangers were spotted roaming throughout the halls at NAMM including our favorite, a Willie Nelson look-a-like.

Hollywood U2 fooled many people into thinking U2 was putting on a real performance

It would've been more believable if he was smoking a joint

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