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Our Three Picks - Media Preview Day NAMM 2018

Media preview day at NAMM has the power of transporting a grown person back into the mindset of a child visiting a toy store for the first time (Just ask Louie).

Each year, vendors releasing a new product are allowed to submit an application in hopes of being selected to showcase their product to hundreds of media outlets. This year the team went at it again with the intent of finding new technology with eye and ear appeal. Below is a breakdown of three of our favorite products selected by the team. These are in no particular order.

Enhancia was showcasing a MIDI connected controller ring that allows a musician full control of musical effects with the motion of the hand. With easy hand gestures, the user can manipulate effects such vibrato, pitch bend, and cutoff filters. One of the highlights of the product is its compatibility with any digital instrument. The company was showcasing a wired prototype version and is expected to launch a Kickstarter on the 7th of March in which the wireless version will be available for preorder. This unit will feature its own protocol for wireless connection that is supposed to have low latency. The unit will be priced between $200 - $300.

Sticking with the theme of gesture controlled technology, Kagura, a Japanese developer, showcased a product that will surely have an effect on the way new musicians might interact with their software. Peculiar for sure, but the implications such a product might have are perfectly fitting for the new generation so inclined on interactive everything. With the application being movement based, the ceiling for creativity involving your DAW is definitely high.

Love music but don’t have the musical bone in your body? Well, how about hopping into a DAW system built into a VR environment. The perks, everything is quantized so whether you lack musical ability or are an avid music maker, the end result is the same, improve the quality of sound coming out. This is the premise of Survios VR immersive music creation tool “Electronauts”. Guitar Hero move over, new competition is riding your tail. Look out for this product later in 2018.

PhotoCredit : Dave Munoz

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