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"New American" leaves their mark with style!

It's hard to tell what kind of performance a music group will give at times; a gamble music fans take every time they pony up money to catch a new groups set. Will they bring their "A" game, or will they be suffering a case of overload and make do with a mediocre show, that is indeed a real question, fortunately for us, we haven't received a group who has not given it their all while performing for the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions.

"New American" christened the show with an alt rendition of the twelve-bar, and we think we might have liked it!

LA based, "New American", did their thing and more. The group consists of Alex Mendez - Drums, Jonny Strang - Guitar/ Vocals, Chris Pleasant - Lead Guitar, Karim Bedran - Bass Guitar. It is not surprising that these guys continue to follow their unique sound, with a blend of blues-rock structure and psychedelic like leads rightly infused with warm guitar progressions and a heavy rhythm section, this group can do battle for the "blue devils" and get any couple to engage in some pre-coital shuffling.

Take a listen to the episode and tell us what you think!

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