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NAMM 2017 Day Two

On the morning of January 20, the country was preparing for a major event that was to take place in Washington D.C., but in Anaheim, conventioneers didn't appear afflicted by any of the emotion plaguing the nation on inauguration day.

Day two of NAMM in Anaheim, California was indeed one of the wetter ones in the last few years. But, if the inauguration elicited no commotion from the many attendees, then a little rain was merely a minor annoyance that quickly became an afterthought.

Once again, we had our very own Luis Zuniga hit the floor in typical Lou fashion - with mic in hand and a bag of jokes. Coverage included some very interesting new products being rolled out by company's such as ROLI, Gear Secure, Clear Tune Monitors, Your Heaven Audio, as well as a collection of immaculate hand crafted Zemaitis guitars. A few interviews with musicians were also sprinkled throughout the day featuring members from Justin Amen and The Hybrids, Alt-Tab-Delete, and Citizen Zero.

Check out the video above to watch the interviews!

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