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(Los Angeles, California) GEARSECURE ( the newly launched company from

Los Angeles, California announced the free release of its mobile App in time for NAMM 2017. The App syncs with patented technology to create the first embedded anti-theft device for musical instruments and other assorted gear.

To use the free download, individuals merely need to visit the Google Play store on any Android phone, search GEARSECUREMUSIC (all one word) and follow the prompts. Apple users who would ordinarily visit iTunes to download, can download an active tracking map from the App by visiting this link:

Once loaded, individuals can take part in a live, real-time demonstration of the technology at NAMM 2017. Individually tagged musical instruments will appear on the “location” screen on the GEARSECURE App. Convention attendees can follow the gear around the Convention center, surrounding outdoor locations, and neighboring Anaheim as if it was “stolen”.

To enhance the ongoing demonstration, GEARSECURE will deploy several “GEAR GIRLS” outfitted with the tracking device out and about around NAMM 2017. Using only the App, attendees who locate one of the “GEAR GIRLS”, will instantly receive a token for free items redeemable at the GEARSECURE booth.

“The best way we can show how GEARSECURE can protect all sorts of musical gear is to show people” said, Adam Mandel, GEARSECURE’s Founder. “Since NAMM is so huge, we wanted people to see how this works from anywhere at the convention. If it can work among thousands of displayed instruments, imagine how it can take care of individual gear.”

GEARSECURE technology provides a bridge between RFID and GPS technology providing help in instant recovery of lost or stolen gear. Further information can be obtained by visiting Hall D, Booth 2382. The company’s stated goal is “the end of lost or stolen”.

When released, the technology will be offered to consumers at a yearly subscription price of $19.95 retail. It will be embedded and offered with new gear, immediately available for Backline and Tour management inventory solutions, and eventually be released to the aftermarket through a certified installer network.

For more information please visit

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