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Spines of the Heart / Bryan Deister

Bryan Deister is indeed a talented man. Having been trained in classical, jazz, blues, and progressive-rock; Deister shows that incorporating the different styles can manifest some unique sounds. As a current student of Berklee School of music, it is quite safe to say Diester’s work will only continue to grow as he refines and improves on his craft.

Diester released a 22-song double album late last year titled “Spines of the Heart”. The album is an 87-minute long anthology curated with a collection of electronic heavy sounding pieces. The tracks draw similarities to Thom Yorke, Muse, and Roger Waters. The album had been at work for three-years, which can explain the length. And, while this might seem like a daunting task for the ears (two separate albums might have made more sense) the album does carry an atmospheric flow that almost feels as if it were written as the score to a film.

The album definitely has something for everyone, and with 22-tracks one would hope that was the case. “Spines of the Heart” starts off with “All that I Have”. This is a track following a hypnotic processed melody infused with a distorted bass line a kin to the sound Chris Wolstenholme is known to play on many a Muse tunes. This is the track one can lie on a grassy knoll and stare at the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of some bizarre occurrences. Five tracks in one stumbles unto “Approaching”. This track is a moody sounding piece that opens up with some simple chords played on keys and Deisters fluctuating vocals pushing the harmonies. While a little dark sounding, this is one of two tracks that can probably appease to a crowd not opened to listening to more risk-taking sounds.

“Nobody Angel” has a very interesting sound. The track starts off with some classical piano leading to the Deisters first verse sung in a very stratospheric way. The track builds up into a mid-tempo tune before breaking off into a distorted guitar solo repeating those same notes earlier played on piano. This part of the song has an 80’s stadium anthem feel to it.

“The Bread” is one of those tracks that incorporates some enigmatic sounds that could put you in a trance. It carries a Goth like nuance that shows Deister potentially has a darker side to him. I can imagine this track playing in a scene of a Rob Zombie flick or even one of Burtons Claymation creations.

“Nothing More” immediately showcases Deisters seductive vocals. The track has a very relaxing atmospheric sound and one of my personal favorites. Deister once again plays with his vocal range and the one notable difference is that he gets it right on this track. This is a well balance ballad with some equally nice crescendos helping to build-up the story.

Check out Bryan Deister on Soundcloud and stream his album. One of these 22-tracks should do something for you.

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