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Look West / The Furious Seasons

Look West

With hurricane season hitting its most active month back east - I had the chance to experience a calmer storm here in the west. Confirming some of the chatter going around of a well-constructed album rich in complexity and tranquility, Look West, The Furious Seasons’ 5th release is a definite tour de force and something worth writing home about.

Full of congruency emanated from opulent harmonies and poignant lyrics, The Furious Seasons have indeed captured the folk sound that will transport you to an ingeniously quaint place. David Steinhart, acoustic guitar and lead vocals, has a compelling way of getting through to the listener. With a vocal schema a kin to Dylan, it is no wonder many gravitate to the melodic idiom.

The Furious Seasons’ Look West album is here to express its emotional story with its extensive depth. Written and sung with true passion, we’re sure to keep getting a continuous dose of remarkable music for years to come. Look West has a slated release date of October 7th, so get ready to download your copy.

Click on the image above to listen to the single "Longshot" and get a sense of what I am talking about.


Jean-Claude Sfkng

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