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"Ronjoism" / Ronjo V

If everything is big in Texas, does that mean musicians in Texas must “go big” when delving into their creative processes? Well, if Ronjo V’s newest full-length album is any indication of the procedure, then the answer must definitely be a yes.

Austin, Texas residents - Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan - appear to have developed a riveting assortment of songs to compile into a very entertaining album titled “Ronjoism”. This is one of those records that like wine, seems to benefit from the passage of time.

The album dips in and out of different sounds and styles with perky beats and stabs of processed instruments scattered throughout. There is a penchant for a foggy psychedelic sound, with hints of wheezing shoegaze styled guitar riffs in for good measures. Joseph’s vocals are expressive and mesmerizing.

Ronjo V have three accessible tracks available on soundcloud which include Slo Motion, Unfriend, and Dying Wish. Slo Motion has an innate drive toward simplicity that is perfectly coupled with the interweaving of heavy psychedelic guitar layers that seem to gleefully dance around each other. The back end of a steady drum beat with the fluid hi-hat release and timely cymbal crashes add to the ethereal mood of the song.

“Unfriend” has a brighter musical feel to it. Here Joseph seems to invoke a James Mercer-like inclination for the vocal melody. The simple acoustic guitar introduction which has a catchy piano melody build up, reinforces the idea the simple can still be genius.

“Dying Wish” plays out a little rawer then the previous two tracks. This definitely carries a lot more energy as is immediately noticeable with the faster tempo. The chorus is packed with heavy distorted guitar and Joseph’s captivating whaling; a true form of indie like tunes.

Watch the videos for “Dying Wish” and “Slow Motion”, and listen to “Slo Motion”, “Unfriend”, and “Dying Wish” from Ronjo V's EP.

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