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Kill Me / Fred Colombo

32-year-old French-Italian musician and songwriter, Fred Colombo, has a pretty extensive musical resume that ranges in style, and he is not quite done adding to the list. With the recent release of his newest EP, Colombo can now add more substance to his already long collection of songs.

Colombo’s newest EP, The ROAD, features a highly-listenable and hypnotic sounding single titled “Kill Me”. This trip-hop and ambient infused tune has an enigmatic tone as Colombo appears to be whispering his lyrics in an almost raspy like voice. The track then channels into a reliably solid and stratospheric chorus, a strong contrast from the verse, and although the lyrics seem to imply an ominous and sinister like line - Kill Me - one can’t seem to keep from moving to the songs ebullient notes.

Colombo definitely shows his musical range with “Kill Me”, and this track proves to be a stimulating showcase of the artist's talents. Check out the official video for the track and visit Fred Colombo’s webpage at .

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