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Run to Me / Hot Rumour

It can be argued that Los Angeles has a stronghold on the title of being an epicenter for an exceptional music scene. After all, it is the city that seems inundated with corporate music bigwigs, and a place where many essentials that appear to be requisites to success can be found. So, it is no surprise that a lot of musical groups attempt their breakouts from within this city.

This brings us to LA’s newest trio, Hot Rumour. This group is composed of brother’s Aaron and Josh Ficchi, and LA producer and owner of theLAB studios, Frankie Siragusa. The band just released their single “Run to me”, and with its piercing and seductive sound, the trio is definitely on to something. Hot Rumour is sure to hit the scene full throttle in anticipation of their upcoming EP.

“Run to Me” is a mid-tempo track which opens up with staccato notes played on keys with the sound of clapping snare and features Siragusa’s processed vocals. The formula seems simple, yet the sound feels complex with dashes of what seem like distorted vocals and buzzing guitar blended with high key sounds and a pop like beat.

“Run to Me” is definitely a track that grows on one with continued play, and if the same recipe is used for the tracks on the upcoming EP, then Hot Rumour will undoubtedly have no issue rising to the top.

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