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Color in the Gray Machine / Mind the Journey

Boston denizen, Spenser Sabo, has unleashed his inner creative monster allowing him to brilliantly conjure his 12 track psychedelic infused album, Color in the Gray Machine.

Sabo was raised in Connecticut, where he did what most reticent individuals do, learn instruments and make crazy films. While exploring his creativity in high school, Sabo began dabbling with audio production, recording, and mixing music. After trying out an old keyboard at the young age of 17, his project Mind the Journey was conceived.

Sabo has found a way to bring about electric pleasure utilizing several elements from borrowed genres such as psych-rock, synth-pop, and alternative. Having composed, written, and produced the albums entirety straight out of his basement, it is clear Sabo possesses some sort of music genius as is evident with different incorporation of styles on his tracks.

“Rose Colored Glasses”, a heavily processed tune that opens with head-nodding electronic beats, hazy keys, and station announcement like vocals transitions into a mellower, trip inducing 1960’s style funhouse-psychedelic track. “Boats” on the other hand does not start as heavy on the processed beats. The tender tune is led by an acoustic guitar ballad as Sabo evokes a sort of Julian Casablanca vocal style - then commence the drum machine as the song procures a dose of electronica. Other interesting sounds on this album include the title “Interdimensional Romance” which brings up images of “BMO” creating 8-bit-tone music attended by straight beat sounding drumming. “Noise Gate” also provides listeners with a unique use of organ synths and utilizes frequent transitions between styles.

The album has enough sonic variety to make for a sporadically interesting listen.


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