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New American Century / Midwest Soul Xchange

New American Century is an album released by Folk Americana artists, Midwest Soul Xchange. This release asserts 11 pleasant-sounding tracks which are rich with interesting arrangements, enthused performances both in playing and singing, and lyrics from vocalists Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier which only continue to mold nicely. This is nothing short of what I was expecting.

For those who are new to their music, the album echo’s an ethereal message which anyone should be capable of deciphering - just as soon as they allow their minds to open up and expand. The varied sounds on this record include a dose of experimentation with synthesizers, the mandolin, accordion, and harmonica – all of which are prominent staples related to this genre of music. This is truly an album that sticks to the essence of the genus with its folky and brooding substance and imaginable qualities full of expressive character.

A few tracks to check out that represent Midwest Soul Exchange’s core include “Roots”, “Set a Cause for Common Worlds”, and Truth Attention”. “Roots” showcases Summers’ voice and is definitely a folk enthused title. This song seems to flourish due to the tone of some serious vocals, which is not to downplay the instrumentation. In “Set a Cause for Common Worlds”, the melody seems to drive the track which is rich in guitar, accordion, and harmonica nicely joined by some vocal harmonies. “Truth Attention” is a tad more progressive. Glimpses of Sunny Day Real Estate or Sense Field can be heard, especially at the 1:18 mark when the prog-rock vocals kick in. There is a dreamy vibe to this track which could be the reason for the Floyd comparisons.


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