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NAMM Day 3

Day three at NAMM was a special one for the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions. Not only was the team accidently at the center of a "flash mob" coordinated by the Canadian Brass Company, but the podcast also held their first episode away from the studio. This was the first time in over a year that an episode wasn't focused around a live performance, but rather featured more commentary and interviews. The NAMM show special has plenty of dialogue with some of the music industry leading brands, conventioneers, and musicians.

The first stop for the team was the ESP guitars hall. This location showcased some of the most beautifully painted and crafted guitars that were neatly hanging in unison over grey shaded high wall displays. This was definitely an image that appeared to be the theme ESP was pushing for. Steve Gromm, an associate at ESP guitars, was nice enough to provide an informative discussion regarding the entire ESP exhibition series. The collection included one-of-a-kind instruments crafted by individuals located at the company headquarters in Japan. The craftsmen at ESP set out to make roughly 75-80 unique ESP instruments that are exclusive to NAMM and other trade shows. The creators are given free reign when designing the guitars, which vary in price ranging anywhere from $5,000-$10,000.

Steve pointed out a couple of his favorite instruments featuring different types of wood and paint finishes.

Fender had an awesome exhibit in a very spacious hall which was only fitting for a historic American brand. New this year is the 2016 American Elite Series, which is the next evolution of Fender high performance guitars. The American Deluxe series, which many musicians have been accustomed to, has been rebranded and reintroduced. The new series includes more than 12 upgrades from the old American Deluxe. One trait that was borrowed from the old American Deluxe series is the 9 1/2 - 14 inch chronical finger board radius. Cool new features include the 9th generation noiseless pick-ups which eliminate the compression and clinking of the old ones and a new compound C to D back shape. The S1 switching is still part of the new Elite series as well as the nice back belly carve. The trust rod adjustment that used to appear at the stem is now located at the heel of the guitar and includes a smooth double action wheel.

7 Days Away was premiering a new music video at The Rock-n-Roll Industries Magazine booth. The Noisy Cavern team was able to chat with the group before the release, creating a little crowd and excitement in front of the booth. The guys shared their personal experiences at NAMM which included some of their star-struck moments, and instrument lusting. They mentioned the band has finally established a deadline for their new album which will be released in the spring. The band is busy working out of Lunchbox Studios and have recently knocked out two singles - one of which is called "Vengeance". The new video will be available to all fans on February 16. The band is closing out the NAMM show performing at the NAMM Wrap-Up at the House of Blues.

The last vendor the group visited for the day was RADAR Studios. Radar Studios showcased the first fully integrated music production system, one that had the team salivating and at the ready for an impulse purchase. Barry Henderson gave a very informative demonstration (listen to the podcast). Radar was pushing their new studio box which boasted being an end-to-end system. There was an endless list of specs and features in these systems which would make any producer create room in their studio just to fit one in. The system was very straight forward and comes in different packages. Check out their website for more details.


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