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NAMM Day 2

The team was up and running pretty early today - 6:00 AM to be exact - but unfortunately we had to wait for what seemed like eternity as our excitement quickly turned into anxiety before being allowed in. So what does Lou do to pass time? Eat, and try to force us to partake in his foodie escapades. He was successful!

Once inside the team began to prepare for the day's activities quickly setting up a detailed map on what was to be covered. All different opinions ultimately came to an agreement and a list was formed.

JD Sounds Monster GoDJ retails for $499.00.

Our first interview was with JD Sounds. We met with Randy, a product specialist, who gave a demonstration of their product, the Monster GoDJ. This gadget is a portable Dj and music production studio which is literally the size of PSP portable game console, but a lot more awesome! Don't tell the kids though, unless they're aspiring Dj's or appreciate finely made electronic products. The Monster GoDJ works just like a flash drive, with drag and drop capabilities to import songs. The gadget will analyze songs and allow the individual to DJ and mix the tracks on the go. This is a very user friendly device that a beginning DJ can learn quickly, but also sophisticated enough for seasoned pros to work their magic on. The product incorporates its own mixing software and works as a standalone unit. These retail for $499.00 and could see a price decrease later this year. A sturdy device that can probably take some beatings, with easily adjusting knobs and lever.

The Noisy Cavern crew speaking with Shane of Sound Magic Software. Their product was

nominated for The Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.

Sound Magic Software, a software for professional musicians, utilizes DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology in developing their virtual instruments. The VR uses a hybrid modeling technology that allows more options to change sound due to the combination of physical modeling and sampling. Their main focus is in virtual pianos, but they also carry a collection of traditional Chinese instruments such as the Laurel Pipa, China Impression, and China Story Erhu.

Ican Microphones

We spoke with Jon of Ican, a professional OEM/ODM microphone and headphone manufacturing company who started eight years ago and is participating at NAMM for their 6th straight year. The company has a collection of retro microphones which are popular with its customers. They also produce lavaliers which have garnered a lot of attention from NAMM attendees. Check them out at

Gabby and Rob of Sol Pacifica

We met Gabby and Rob of Sol Pacifica at the Keeler sound booth where they shared information regarding their upcoming projects. The band will be visiting the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions on February 20th for a special acoustic set. Gabby shared her insight on celebrity spotting at NAMM, and how it's difficult to do because of the amount of people present. Rob discussed the keeler sound product he would be demonstrating at the booth.

The sound processor gets inserted into the hole of an acoustic guitar which helps prevent that dreaded feedback.

Richard, the owner of the Keeler brand also spoke about how the processor works in very technical terms.

He stated, "the feedback becomes anti-feedback before it turns into electricity, so it comes out clean and there is no need to post-produce."

The processor can also be used with drums and microphones.

Bluetooth pick

Luis talked with Dan Ising, a sales person for Picatta, about their innovative guitar pic with bluetooth capabilities. Picatta started up their business only three months ago, they're not in production yet but they're working towards it. This smart pic checks your up stroke plucks, down stroke plucks and measures the pressure you put on the pic. You can even play with your friends and challenge them to a game of guitar accuracy. Picatta has an app as well that can log your stats and instructors use it to train guitar players as well.

Luis poses with the guys from Vinyl Recorder, after getting his favorite song by Stickfigure put on vinyl

Vinyl Recorder is a company based out of Germany that focuses their efforts in turning your cd into vinyl Luis talked with Wesley and Zurri of With this vinyl converter, individuals are able to cut directly onto a vinyl and have a one off ready in real time.


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