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Stay Free Recordings Announces Inaugural Vinyl Release

Long Beach, California's Stay Free Records and Viva!Pomona have partnered up for an interesting 32 Vinyl single release series that is slated to go on Sale this Friday, February 12th.

The 32 7-inch singles, being released under the title "Mexican Candy", will feature Indie Rock artists from Mexico's 32 states. The first portion of the collection will feature Señor Kino and Margaritas Podridas, two bands with a distinct indie/shoegaze/grunge style that hail from the Northern State of Sonora, Hermosillo Mexico.

Like all things affected by the pandemic, including live music, finding ways to continue to showcase talents has led to new ideas to continue a sense of normalcy, such as the live-streaming of performances. It has also generated a retooling of old concepts, so when John Halperin, founder of Stay Free Records, reached out to Rene Contreras of Viva! to collaborate on ideas for the singles project, the pathway to the concept was paved. Contrera's connection with musicians from all parts of Mexico meant this idea was a given, and now we will all have the privilege of gaining exposure to some talented indie musicians coming from our neighbor down south.

Señor Kino and Margaritas Podridas- Friday, February 12th at


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