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"Begging You Please" viseMenn

If a repertoire of songs existed that compiled a soundtrack for a long trek through the dense annals of the Aokigahara forest, then viseMenn's newest single, "Begging You Please" would definitely be part of that collection.

ViseMenn, a Norwegian four-piece outfit, epitomize the typical mellow-dramatic processed sound that was heard in 90's alternative rock groups - which is not to say it's a bad thing. The song's distorted guitar drive, carefully picked jingle and jangled melody, along with its subtle bass line all appear to be pushed along by the hypnotic beat of the kick drum that so gallantly shifts the song from verse to chorus.

While Conrneliussen's lyrics might appear trite and simple, there is something alluring about the way he presents them with his wistful wails. "Begging You Please" carries overtones of a psychedelic cavort of sorts, and while it can come off mildly depressing, the listener appears to be led anxiously through the song awaiting to arrive at an enchanted destination.

Call it dreamy or spacey, psychedelic or progressive, "Begging You Please" will definitely permeate a bit of nostalgia and unsuspectingly take one back to the days of dial-up and Drew Barrymore flicks.


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