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Figgy Baby continues the quest with new single "SEAMS"

Figgy Baby does it again, blending purposeful and coherent lyrics to a smooth and nostalgic beat. “Seams”, the single released late last month, showcases an earnest passion to bring awareness to toxic masculinity. The track is a narrative of the complicated upbringing of young men taught to fear vulnerability and hide emotion, an issue that needs more light to be shed on it.

“Seams” offers a glimpse of positivity through its glistening melody. The blending of Jessica Louise’s sensuous vocals with the lustrous cry of the violin played by Gabby Fluke-Mogul, create a complementing resonance that adds full vibrant texture to the track. The accompanying music video was directed by Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy writer Aeryn Michelle Williams. It's simple, yet fulfilling and enhances the message Figgy Baby is conveying. Give this community builder a follow and check out more his work at

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