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Mixed-Race Mixtape - Figgy Baby

After listening to “Mixed-Race Mixtape” I was honestly left speechless, so I wrote a list of words in order of how I felt after playing the whole album without skipping a single track.












I know you might be thinking that’s insane, and I’ll admit it, stumbling into Figgy Baby’s music was no accident. A friend of mine actually asked me to listen, and I’m happy I did. One thing is certain, as a poet, I appreciate the lyricism in every track. The lyrics and production make it feel like actually being there watching them play live. Yes, none of the words that have entered my mind will compare to meeting Figgy Baby in person and actually getting to ask the hot burning question every artist asks another artist, “what drives you”.

If you find yourself wanting to feel inspired and hear something "organic”, yeah I said it, listen to Figgy Baby’s new album “Mixed-Race Mixtape” out now on Spotify. Just close your eyes and feel.

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