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Weapons of Mass Creation release new video for "Bounce"

The Sanctuary Sound in the city of Santa Ana served as the epicenter for the release of Weapons of Mass Creations newest music video "Bounce". The event was marketed as a community jam session where attendees were encouraged to bring instruments, beats, or raps - and like most of their shows, W.O.M.C once again showed why they're the epitome of an enriching cultural experience. W.O.M.C showcased their trademark style which is known to incorporate the expression of ideas through well thought out music, graffiti art, and as the video for "Bounce" illustrated, an authentic love for family.

The evening began with a performance by a two-man group intended to set the tone for the slow growing crowd. Once everyone was rubbing shoulders with drinks in hand, the Franco siblings plus one commenced with the viewing of "Bounce" giving the audience an inside look into W.O.M.C's daily lives emphasizing the connection to family values and the deep rooted love for the hip hop community. This event was a great time and the people and music made it what it was. If there is ever a chance to check this group out - just do it!

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