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A lot of new things are expected to come for Season Four of the Noisy Cavern Music Sessions

As summer nears its end and temperatures begin to be a little more manageable, the team over at the Noisy Cavern continues to put the final pieces together for what will be a busy new season. Many new ideas were brought to the table during the last couple of shows of season three, and its safe to say that this new format will facilitate in the production of an overall better quality product. This new direction will produce material in different platforms that will continue to support the local music scene in southern California.

We are excited and anxiously awaiting the beginning of this new season, and we want to thank the bands that have reached out and have patiently been waiting for us to finalize the details. Keep posted for material from Santa Barbara the Band, Cosmic Kitten, Concept 6, Raphael Volz, The Boulevards, Crystal Coast and the Visions, and many more. Thanks for the support!

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