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The Rosewaters / Live performance

It's starting to warm up again in Southern California and that means more grueling sessions in the studio. Lucky for us, the awesome musical acts that tend to stop by around this time of year definitely help keep things cool, at least for the ears.

Our featured artists of the week transpired from the San Gabriel Valley; another area known to hit high temps, but heat or no heat "The Rosewaters" put on an impressive performance featuring tracks off of their upcoming EP titled "No Crystal Ball".

The songs appear to have a familiar sound of indie styled rock, but that's not to say the group didn't infuse their own refreshing touch. The music unquestionably carries subtle influences throughout and it is clear that they've found their niche. The tracks offer a range of tightly placed crisp guitar melodies as well as some psychedelic riffs blended with danceable bass riffs that add color to the sound. The upbeat drumming helps move the songs along with sporadic moments of tempo changes as can be heard on the track "Crystal Ball". One of the traits that invokes the indie rock/dance theme are Frankie's vocals. They are a mesh of deep enigmatic almost post punk like howls, perfectly akin to a Berninger meets Curtis and then they say hey to FLowers.

Take a listen to the Rosewaters and tell us what you think.

Song of the Week: Russian Roulette By: Justin Amen and the Hybrids

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