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Danny Electro / The Lost Poets

Is there a more fitting sound for conjuring images of black massed humanoid figures (Shadow People) than music containing elements of sludge metal and swamp blues with a hint of haunting brooding vocals? Well, Sweden’s The Lost Poets have appropriately meshed a unique appearance that bodes well with their musical undertone. This duo knows exactly what it’s doing, and their marketing technique is certainly no gimmick.

Taking a cue from groups such as Tool and Alice in Chains, these two are able to fuse their inspirations into its own sound making for a unique brand that is an entertaining heeding experience. The Lost Poets is comprised of David Rosengren on Vocals, Guitars, Piano, and Mandolin, and Petter Strömberg on Drums, Bass and Piano.

“Insubordia PT II” is the follow up release to the group’s first round of “Insubordia”, an EP released in 2014. The new full-length is an ambitious album which features crunchy, distorted, guitar-heavy sounds in all but three tracks. The latter utilizes brilliantly sculpted vocals to support other curious elements throughout each song.

The Lost Poets have received high accolades on the transnational stage, which has opened doors to many other opportunities. The Duo’s track “Without You I’m Nothing” is to be featured in a Dolph Lundgren’s future featured film. Check out the single off of the album, “Danny Electro”, a slower tempo song with a thin melody and dark character vocals. The song is more grunge than sludge metal, but still worth the listen!

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