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Breaking through the Walls - FADES

The London quintet, FADES, have released a single that cleverly resurrects the stylish indie-rock sound once heard in quantities during its mass arrival in the early and middle 2000’s.

“Breaking through the Walls”, a distorted guitar-driven track, has all the elements required for a hit single that can garner a lot of hype and air-play. Heck, if Kool-Aid is ready to revamp their renowned commercials, they might want to consider phoning the boys and penning something down quickly, as this group has potential written all over.

While FADES hasn’t been together too long, it is definitely not evident in their highly intense melodic and cohesive sound. This group has a high-spirited quality perfect for that rock sound which is sure to be enjoyed right from the beginning.

This five piece is comprised of Joshua Woo on vocals and guitar, Alessandro Melchoir on guitar and keys, Lucas Mendes on lead guitar, James Dibble on bass, and Keir Adamson on drums. FADES is here to stay, and their infectious hooks and melodies are ready to be your go to long-drive soundtrack. FADES EP is set to be launched at Proud Camden on March 10th 2016, so keep posted.

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