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Where the Bees Come to Die - Boy from the Crowd

Boy from the Crowd’s newest EP, “Where the Bees Come to Die”, is unquestionably an energetically fueled rock-n-roll roar.

It is apparent that the EP might not be suited for everyone, and initially it might take some time to warm up to, but once the anthem like songs set in they will surely illicit an impulse reaction to rummage through the closet in search of the scuffed up boots and worn out leather jackets of yester year.

The East London act - led by wide-ranging front man Vinny Piana - has orchestrated a sound that is raw and dynamic with an effective mesh of blues and rock that fit perfectly with Piana’s raspy like vocals. This is a trademark for that classic 70’s rock-n-roll feel and it is easy to discern where Piana might have drawn inspiration from. Some of the more obvious influences that can be heard in the music include the likes of Bowie or Jagger, but it’s the subtle cues in the actual music that indicate the authentic blues genre definitely played its role in dictating the path of the EP’s unpredictability.

The five-track EP offers mixes of punk, rock, and blues. The first track on the EP is “Revelator”, and here the duo exemplifies their London feel with a memorable upbeat sound utilizing a well-rounded placement of guitar riffs and bass lines with soft spoken backing vocal. There are two versions of the title “All I Need”, one which is a single edit made for radio, and the other which feels like a drawn out jam session which is perfectly fine. This track really reaches for that blues rock sound, and it nails it. The following track, “Road”, features a 70’s pop sound with hints of surf-rock. This adds a different dynamic to the EP, and illustrates the versatility the duo are capable of. The final track “Where the Bees Come to Die”, is a simple instrumental with some nice clean electric guitar sounds that gently flow into the chorus waiting with a heavy mix of distorted keys and guitar riffs – now where is that lighter?


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