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"Bridges Burn" Young Darias

Darias grew up on the other side of the orange curtain in a city called Costa Mesa. It was there where he took a liking to the east-coast style of hip-hop at a very tender age of 12 years-old. He developed his craft by ciphering with cousins and close friends, and on the way doing what most young aspiring artist do - create stage names and mimic lyrical styles. He eventually took his talents to the next level and still continues to mature his sound.

Darias and Pressure Cut Diamonds just released their newest music video for the track "Bridges Burn". The track is an ode to his previous work as it possesses a culmination of feel-good beats (digging the double snare rim shot) good bars featuring his trademarked intonated vocals, and some indulgent hooks that might have you swaying your arms and bobbing your head.

Verses like, "We have never been friends and I hope you take offense", and "right here they like to make to send it off from behind the scene, that’s why its f*ck a team" capture the essence of a hidden meaning behind the title, "Bridges Burn". Is Darias settling a score and “burning bridges”, or is he figuratively alluding to something else? That is yet to be figured out, but nonetheless the lyrics do have some resonance as most of us have had to burn bridges at one point in our lives,

Young Darias exerts his passion on this track and it is noticeable. The pace is nice with the rhythm flow, and while at first the chorus is hard to decipher, it eventually comes along. There is talent here, and it is evident. Caliraw’s production touches and Darias’ sound form one of their most reflective tracks to date.


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