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NAMM Media Preview Day

Photo Credit - David Munos

The team was feeling pretty privileged considering they were invited to NAMM's 2016 Media Day held at the Anaheim Convention Center. It only took nearly 10 years to finally have gained access to the convention, and so far it has lived up to its hype. The team got started early Wednesday morning, arriving shy of 8:00 AM and not really knowing what was in store for them. Luis wasted no time beginning his networking ventures, and David did what David does - pulled out his kit, and began shooting amazing photos.

Media personnel began gathering early at NAMM's Idea Center. Everyone eagerly awaited presentations of the top new instruments and technologies to be featured at the convention. The first group to introduce a new technology was Newzik, a company based out of France. Newzik presented their new sheet reader music app. This app is due to completely alter the way musicians, especially in orchestras, read music. Whatever the conductor alters on the music sheet will essentially change in real time, resulting in less time spent editing music sheets.

DJ's looking for new toys were not excluded this morning, as Denon DJ unvieled their new MCX8000 DJ controller. This finely crafted machine is said to provide complete control of both Serato DJ and Denon DJ's engine software.

EarthQuaker Devices introduced the new Avalanche Run which boasted new stereo in/out, tap tempo and ratio controls, reverse delay and reverb toggle, all which are sure to excite many a pedal aficionados.

There were three presentations the team was most excited about. Luis, being a drummer, was obviously excited about the new virtual drum announcement. David was captivated by the instruments that resembled some sort of tool out of a James Cameron movie, and the last presentation had us all, well, in awe because it was just plain cool!

Aerodrums unveiled their long awaited Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is a virtual drum kit that really defines the term "air drumming". Never struggle with those pesky neighbors again, or the roommates trying to sleep in until noon. This virtual drum has no pads so a drummer is literally just striking air.

Tribal Tools showcased their Kadabra instrument. A strange design for a very cool musical tool which David dubbed the "Avatar Guitar". This wireless Kadabra gives musicians a new and unique way to express themselves. This instrument is definitely worth a try, as it opens up avenues to manipulating sounds without using a typical midi control.

The technology that stole the show, in our opinion, was the T560. While it is not a new technology - vinyl records that is - this new tool will sure add to the resurgence of the vinyl craze that is hitting the trendy markets. This is being marketed as the only new vinyl record lathe on the market today. What CD will you be converting into vinyl?


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