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Noisy Cavern Music Sessions Return

It's felt like eternity, but we're back! Noisy Cavern is hosting bands on the "Noisy Cavern Music Sessions". Recordings take place in the recently  upgraded , Orangewood Studios. We promised the boys from Jean Serene that we would feature them once we got back to the groove of things, and we don't break promises. They open up the new season with two tracks, "Splash" and "Astyanax Mexicanus".

New Release From electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist...

Vicissitudes comprises music from two very different film scores. The first is inspired by Carl Theodor Dreyer’s silent classic, The Passion Of Joan of Arc (1928 film).  Sarah was on tour with a nine piece ensemble consisting of a string quartet, synthesizers and singers throughout North America in 2019-2020 performing at film ...

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Four Ways Musicians Can earn Money

The pandemic has created lots of disruption where jobs are concerned, and some creatives have felt the fallout harder than others as they watch venues shutter and gig after gig fall apart. If you’ve been dealing with job loss as a musician, there are a few options for making money while you’re waiting...

Pery Maysin drops new EP,Things, along with "Apple Butter" video

PeryMaysin has been churning up beats and remixes for quite sometime now, but it was only recently that the producer debuted a collection of 4-tracks on his EP, Things. The EP sound is shaped with Lo-Fi subtleties comprised of down-tempo beats, ambient melodies, and the occasional sampled vocal.    

Stay Free Recordings Announces Inaugural Vinyl Release

Long Beach, California's Stay Free Records and Viva!Pomona have partnered up for an interesting 32 Vinyl single release series that is slated to go on Sale this Friday, February 12th.

The 32 7-inch singles, being released under the title "Mexican Candy", will feature Indie Rock artists from Mexico's 32 states.

NAMM 2021... Or some sort of rendition of the yearly event!

This is the time of year every music aficionado makes the pilgrimage to Anaheim California for the Annual NAMM Show. But, with remnants of the lockdown still in effect in Southern California, hosting an event that draws crowds in excess of 100,000 was not in the picture. So, just like most conferences everywhere...

Jean Serene, the self-proclaimed creators of the new musical...

It's never an easy task adjusting to changes in life, as Victor Choy experienced after his move to California in 2018. But, just like an LA indie movie script, the forces to be aligned and allowed for the meeting of now budding "Jean Serene" band-mates, Victor Choy and Jorge Alvarez.

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The Place on Rugby - The Elks Lodge (HP)


TBA - Noisy Cavern Music Sessions



TBA - Noisy Cavern Music Sessions





TBA - Noisy Cavern

Music Sessions

TBA - Noisy Cavern Music Sessions

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Soul Sucking Music For All  - A Live Streamed Production. 

Taking place in the city of Huntington Park, California, PattyPalooza is at it again with the Music For Your Soul livestream event. Make sure to tune in OCtober 23rd and 24th and catch one of the many bands performing for this two-day event.

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Nervous Vulpis perform two-song set at Anchor Music Studios . 
Nervous Vulpis perform two-song set at Anchor Music Studios . 

This Huntington Beach, California group performed two of their favorite tracks for our Noisy Cavern listeners. It was a strenuous but fun session full of energetic vibes. The group plays around will hopefully continue playing local shows after this shelter in place is lifted...    

This Huntington Beach, California group performed two of their favorite tracks for our Noisy Cavern listeners. It was a strenuous but fun session full of energetic vibes. The group plays around will hopefully continue playing local shows after this shelter in place is lifted...    

Unsound Sunday perform two-song set at Anchor Music Studios . 

The four-piece outfit hailing from San Bernardino, California, came and conquered their two-song set performed for Noisy Cavern at Anchor Music Studios. The group plays around with sounds that are borrowed from a range of styles churning out a creation synonymous with experimental indie...    

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Who is Nervous Vulpis? Noisy Cavern has a Q&A to find out. 

Noisy Cavern caught up with Nervous Vulpis, the alternative rock quartet based out of Fountain Valley, California. The four piece outfit, comprised of members Alex, Eder, Kristen, and Matt, has a nostalgic sound that resembles the music once heard over the college-radio airwaves of the 90's...    

Riki Rachtman flips the script on our very own Dave from Montebello.

We learned something very interesting about our  photographer Dave Muñoz today. Apparently he carries a bit of celebrity status among the phone line caller type. long time listener multiple time caller Dave, recants his story about how Riki Rachtman is the real reason he ended up with the moniker "Dave From Montebello" and shares other interesting stories.     

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Noisy Cavern checks in with American singer-songwriter Emily Elbert.  

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Emily Elbert performed a short set on the Focusrite stage late Sunday afternoon. As vendors and attendees began to approach the final stretch of the NAMM convention, Elbert, who is known for her remarkable guitar-play and soulful vocals, began her intimate set for the small crowd...

SUN Emily Elbert 3.jpg
Cristina Malakhai of Los Peces de Cristina plays host on Noisy Cavern. 

We met Cristina Malakhai at the NAMM convention last year. The singer/songwriter and producer from Barcelona has the type of personality that is meant to be in front of a camera. We decided to give her a mic and follow her around as she interviewed many award-winning artists throughout NAMM on Sunday afternoon. 

SUN Delux interview with Cristina Malakh
We decided to be part of the 100,000 to descend upon NAMM in Anaheim.

There are two things I look forward to at the beginning of each year - a long awaited three day weekend and of course NAMM. Today marks the fifth year Noisy Cavern has allowed me to roam the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center in search of new music products from the big guns, new gear from the startups, and talented musicians.

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The Place on Rugby Performs at Anchor Music Studios during their NC session

The boys from The Place on Rugby gave it their all while performing two tracks off of their self titled EP at Anchor Music Studios. Both tracks, Fast song and It's Too Late, feature catchy, danceable riffs with an indie flare that will have one tapping their feet. If you haven't listened yet, click the link below and enjoy.