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Fever (Official Music Video) - Larusso

Once again, Salt Lake City quartet Larusso has managed to take it back to the days pop punk music reigned over the air waves – a time when every teenager owned more band tee’s than days in a month and only two pairs of black jeans to go with them.

Is this a revival of some sort? Not sure, but if it means never having to compose your own breakup messages because a band has already created the perfect phrase for you, then who is in?

The release of the single “Fever” and most recently its official video, has proven that Larusso is familiar with the working methods involved with worthy hits. Tracks that have the potential to appeal to many different crowds are rare, and “Fever” comes pretty close to accomplishing that feat. The song showcases engaging and solicitous lyrics and maintains an upbeat pop punk sound throughout which nicely employs melodies that percolate into your brain.

The track will definitely keep listeners tapping their feet to its ebullient anthem-worthy sound. Everything is set to get one up and “slam-prancing” around – including the penetrating bass and drumming that intensify the song.

Now, when is that new warp tour line up out?

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